At The Art of Divine Creation, we guide Purpose-Driven Creators on their journey of consciousness, cultivating inner peace and wholeness to thrive in life, relationships, and business.

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In all of us lies a calling and a deep longing for wholeness and fulfillment. Most people try to find this wholeness in the physical world. They think that once they have the money, that soulmate relationship, the success, the beautiful body, THEN they will find the happiness they are searching for. But that’s not how it works. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to live like that. More and more is needed to reach that sense of fulfillment, and people are always onto the next best thing. And as a result, our relationships, our jobs, businesses, and bodies become nothing more than ‘disposable objects’ and lose their Holy essence. Some people don’t participate in the pursuit of happiness, but for other reasons, they often keep fulfillment with the Holy Spirit at arms length. They often react out of resistance, judgment, or powerlessness and become rebellious, still not truly connected to themselves. At The Art of Divine Creation, we believe that true fulfillment can only come from a deep connection with our true Divine essence, God. And not God, the man in the sky who punishes us when we do something wrong, but the source of infinite and unconditional love that is always there for us and wants nothing more than to enter into a loving relationship with us. Are you ready to get to know your own essence and God’s essence in its true form? Then sign up for the free Divine Reconnection Process below and let your journey begin!

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” — Matthew 6:33

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The Divine Reconnection Process: Build a loving relationship with God, experiencing inner peace and wholeness, so you can thrive in your life, relationships, and business.

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A mentor and support system is essential when you want to thrive in your life, relationships, and business on your journey of consciousness. 

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About me

From a young age, I had the feeling that something was missing in my life. No matter how hard I tried to adapt to what I thought my father, teachers at school, and society wanted from me, I couldn’t reach a place where I felt fulfilled and happy. On the contrary, I completely lost myself in trying to meet others’ expectations instead of learning to connect with my own feelings, desires, AND with God. Many challenging years followed before I finally found the unconditional love and fulfillment I had been searching for all along, by creating a deep connection with God and welcoming Jesus into my heart.